About Us


Brigade Custom Golf is a veteran owned business that was founded with the mission of allowing our customers the ability to play a set of clubs that would be completely unique, look, feel and play great all without any significant investment.

With all of the personalization and customization currently available within the golf industry, from apparel to equipment, virtually every standard steel shaft is only available in the traditional chrome plating.  Brigade Custom Golf is changing that narrative.

We provide plated shafts with compositions that allow for various color schemes to be achieved beyond the standard chrome.  We also offer a polymer coating that can be applied to a traditional chrome shaft to meet a wide range of color and gloss combinations, all without impacting the shaft’s original weight, characteristics or play-ability.  Beyond just offering custom color or plated shafts, with our unique etching process, we can apply custom logos or lettering as well, providing yet another level of personalization.  We do this all without any set-up fees or minimum order quantities.

We provide shafts and grips that make your clubs stand out whether it’s on the golf course, in the office or anywhere else. Great for the high or low handicapper.

Brigade Custom Golf is dedicated to consistently providing the highest customer satisfaction by rendering a quality product at a reasonable price coupled with superior customer service.  Should you ever have any questions about what we are capable of providing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.